Contrail Logística S.A.

was established in November 2010, as a result of a partnership between EDLP – Estação da Luz Participações, one of the most respected logistics and transportation advisers in Brazil, and MRS Logística, one of the best railway operators in the country.

Together, EDLP and MRS conceived a logistic model that will change container transportation in Brazil’s most developed region, by efficiently and sustainably crossing the exuberant Serra do Mar, the natural barrier between the Planalto Paulista and Santos harbor.

Contrail’s logistic model includes the installation of the country’s first intermodal hub: TIPS (Terminal Intermodal do Porto de Santos) strategically located alongside the Baixada Santista’s largest rail yard and equidistantly between the maritime terminals of the Left Bank (Guarujá) and the Right Bank (Santos). With an area of 300.000 square meters and 1.2 million TEU capacity, TIPS will be Brazil’s largest and most up to date intermodal hub.

Apart from TIPS’ productivity, Contrail’s model also introduces Brazil to double stack rail cars.

Contrail also combines the railway’s reliability to the highway’s flexibility through several cargo consolidation railway centers (CFCCs), an extensive network for products distribution in the Planalto Paulista.

Contrail, therefore, offers a unique solution to the challenges faced in the pursuit of sustainable development.


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